Frog. Pond. Splash.


This adult frog was a welcome garden visitor. Big, fat, juicy, fascinating, glistening. A delight to see sitting on the side of the pond.

We created the pond years ago. It was a family project and we all joined in to make this feature soon after moving in. There was a lot of digging and lugging of rough-hewn stones. It turned out to be quite deep in the centre. The liner went in, then water, plants and eventually fish.

Pond skaters arrived, the plants grew, damsel flies turned up, so did water boatmen and, from time to time, dragonfly larvae which attack and eat lumps out of the fish. Frogs came to spawn in Spring, croaking deeply at night, and tadpoles hatched. Some wriggled their way to adulthood, others fell prey to the fish and visiting birds who took advantage of a free meal close to the surface if the water.


One summer the fish population was fished to extinction by a heron, so now we have deterrents in the form of strategically placed tubs of plants where a heron might land – and a sculpted metal heron sits nearby staking out its terrority for casual passers-by.

A visiting dog once leapt into the pond, came out stinky and covered in pond weed and had to be bathed. That never happened again! A couple of times, a pair of mallards have dropped in for a recce, having noticed the pond on their flight path. It being quite a small pond, they had a swim around and then decided to move on to somewhere larger.

There are less frogs around nowadays so we don’t always have frogspawn and tadpoles, but we do have a thriving polulation of common newts, which are delightful to see, wriggling about just below the surface of the water.

And at the time of the full moon, we also have the pleasure of seeing this silver satellite apparently floating in the water.

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