Who’s been eating my nectar?

P1020986It comes to something when a hungry humming bird finds an ant emerging from its nectar source!

At the La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica we saw many hummers, hovering around feeders, perching in nearby trees, zooming off at high speed then returning equally fast to feast once more on the feeders.

Like vibrating jewels in the air, they held my interest for a long time, and I was able to creep closer and get some reasonable shots of them. The drawback here is that I tend to forget about the camera and getting photos; I end up just watching them and indulging in the very special experience of seeing these tiny exotic birds.

The La Paz gardens have extensive habitats for wild life as well as areas where rescued birds and animals are housed in large and spacious closed off sections. It was here we saw out first toucan – at the time that was pretty exciting as we were able to get up close to it.

But a few days later we stayed in a tropical garden where toucans in the wild hopped about in the trees and squawked overhead. Even more amazing!

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