Appearing in a garden near you?


There I was, eating my lunch when it appeared. I leapt up and rushed into the garden to get a closer look. Yes, the first hummingbird hawk moth to be seen for several years in our humble neck of the northern woods  was hovering in the lavender flowers.

No chance of capturing it on camera; it hovered briefly in one spot before zooming off on a lap of exuberance around the garden before having a few more swift hovers and feasts on the flowers, then it was off again.The photo shown above was taken last year in September in the Dordogne region of France, where hummers are frequently seen in flowery patches. They’re no less difficult to photograph, but there are more of them, which makes it easier to get something like a decent fix on one. Being on holiday also helps – not doing anything else except watching butterfies, bees and these delightful creatures is a very pleasant holiday activity.

Hummingbird hawk moths are more likely to be seen in the south of Britain; the further north you are, the less likely. Probably no chance at all in Scotland….but then there’s plenty of stunning scenery there to enjoy.

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