That Monday morning buzz


What better way to spend a Monday morning than watching wildlife activity in the garden?  I’m not that domesticated, but I do like to take advantage of hanging washing out to dry on a suitably sunny day; the free, eco-friendly effect of the sun offsets using the more expensive option of the dryer, and the clothes smell better for being out in the fresh air.

Washing taken care of, I turned my attention to watching several vatieties of bee busy on the lavender, periodically dashing off to look them up on my bee ID chart. This one is, I think, a Buff-tailed bumblebee. It was joined by several hover flies and other, smaller bees – some were honey bees, some were smaller common Carder bees.

Add in the butterflies that have been tempted out by the warmth and sunshine (so far a Small White, a Painted Lady and a Red Admiral), together with the visiting Hummingbird Hawk moth, pondskaters and damsel flies, it’s been an altogether okay Monday morning.

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