But will you wake, for pity’s sake?

Mural Rockport

The title is a line from “The Sleep of Prisoners” by Christopher Fry and is highly appropriate for the times we’re living in now. The photo is one I took at the small Texas seaside town of Rockport when I visited it in 2012; this building probably no longer exsists following Hurricane Harvey which devastated the town.

Fires in US States. Floods in Asia. Houston devastated by the rainfall Hurricane Harvey brought (especially meaningful for me as I have family & grandchildren there who narrowly escaped evacuation). Hurricane Irma’s deadly progress across low-lying Caribbean islands and its approach to Florida (a friend there has prepped for the worst and is hunkering down).  Hurricanes Jose and Katia possibly lining up a pincer assault somewhere in the region as a follow on. Earthquake in Mexico. I could go on. Oh yes, and as I’m a Brit there’s the current Brexit farce being played out as a rather shabby sideshow.

Climate change deniers are still pathetically denying that these extremes of weather we’re experiencing have nothing to do with all of this, in spite of loud statements from scientific advisors. There have always been hurricanes, natural disasters and human suffering as a consequence of this they say….. blah blah blah…..

It’s time. High time for governments and administrations to get their heads out of the sand and take positive actions to ensure big changes are made. Otherwise in 50 years’ time our grandchildren will look back and howl in frustration and anger, crying “WHY didn’t someone do something to stop this?”

To quote Fry’s words:

“It takes so many thousand years to wake,

But will you wake, for pity’s sake”

It’s time to wake up now, before it’s too late (note – it’s been time for years, but there has not been enough will on an international level to do anything about it).

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