The Hoverfly and the Brimstone


Hoverfly: ” Hello. Do you come here often?”

Brimstone: “Well, when there’s necar to be had I do, especially at this time of year when nectar sources get scarce as the flowers die off”

Hoverfly:”Yes, this one’s more of less had it but there are still some juicy goodies to be had. By the way, I’m quite happy to share them with you.”

Brimstone: “Likewise. We should share our resources, especially when food starts to get a bit thin on the ground”

Hoverfly: “Don’t usually see your sort at this time of year. Thought you were more of a spring butterfly?”

Brimstone: “No, we fly from June to September, hibernate, then out we come again in spring. Maybe that’s when you notice us most?”

Hoverfly: “Oh, I see. Well, nice supping with you. Must buzz off now…..”

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