Last week I went to Lincoln with husband to visit some of his rather large family who still live in the area. Among them is Auntie Nellie, pictured here. She is 104 and a half, the “half” being quite significant when you get to her age!

It’s always been a pleasure to spend time with Nellie. She’s bright, positive and humourous. During this visit, she wasn’t shying away from admitting she couldn’t remember some things, like what she’d had for lunch. When asked if she’d had a certain food, she’d reply “Possibly….”. In response to the question of “Has so-and-so been to visit?” she’d once again say “Possibly….” but with a grin and a twinkle in her eye.She quite cheerfully admitted to not recalling what she’s eaten, or who had dropped in to see her, but she added that if she said “Possibly…” she wasn’t going to be showing herself up too much nor upsetting her visitors by having forgotten they’d been to see her.

We laughed a lot together, remembered some old family tales, and brought her up to date on our family news. She lives in a local authority care home which is well-run and well-staffed, carers interacting with and spending time with other residents the whole time were there.

It felt like a good place for her to be now she’s not able to be cared for in her own home. She sits in a wheelchair and says that the care home is now her world, but her mind is still able to go places, and she continues to do her daily crosswords. We went to see her on a good day; sometimes she’s not so bright and positive, wondering why she’s still here.

I’d say she fulfilling the role of positive role model for all the old biddies and codgers around. She certainly impresses me.


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