The Great Unravelling

AncientI write this with my astrological psychology hat on as I watch the daily unravelling of long-founded establishments. Whether you’re interested in astrology or not (please don’t tell me it’s a load of nonsense unless you’ve studied it for yourself) there is no denying that many scandals and  injustices are currently coming to light in a big way, from the UK perspective it’s happening in Britain and the US, with those oh-so-interesting links for Russia.

The recently published Paradise Papers continue to expose wealthy tax evaders with their offshore accounts. OK, so we’ve known about this for some time, there have been revelations (think of comedian Jimmy Carr and members of Take That a few years ago) and a bit of a hoo-hah has followed, only for it to quieten down again. This time the reach of the exposure is far wider and includes a line up of highly powerful people who have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the public on a regular basis, as they protect their piles of wealth stashed away in offshore refuges. That this group of people includes actors from the popular “Mrs Brown” TV show together with the Queen is like a beneath the belt blow for ordinary folk who pay their taxes. It starts to feel very much as if one section of society is having a good laugh and a good life at their expense.

Strange isn’t it, that this scandal erupts at around the same time the long-term sexually predatory behaviour of Harvey Weinstein hit the headlines, followed by the exposure of Kevin Spacey’s behaviour, and scandals about various members of the British Houses of Parliament and Lords tagging along behind. There had been a few murmurs around just before this most recent news broke; MP Cyril Smith in the 70s/80s was playing around in the lives of small boys, maybe not to the extent of Jimmy Savile, who seemed to be up for anything, but none-the-less on the same lines.

Savile’s exposure put the BBC in the spotlight regarding internal standards of behaviour, leading to the conviction of popular presenters Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris. I still shudder when I remember meeting Harris when he was filming for TV at the animal hospital where my dog was being treated. He was bonhomie personified, happy to chat and pose for photos. Who would have suspected him? I’m shuddering now at the retrospective memory of his arm around my shoulder for the posed photo.

Then there’s the environment. At long last people are waking up to the facts and dangers of global warming. It’s been in the interests of global organisations to play down the detrimental effects of fertilisers on the earth we live in, but people are now better informed – it’s only taken over 3 decades to make this headline news, but at last it’s out in the public consciousness now. Current rootings out and spotlights are being shone on the hunting/shooting community. Cruelty is starting to be shouted out as unacceptable, just as unwelcome groping is, mainly for women.

So where does the astrological stuff fit in to all of this? I’ll make it simple for the non-astrologers by describing the planet Pluto’s slow journey through the sign of Capricorn in simple terms, and as a reflection (not a cause) of where we’re at in some of this stuff. Bear in mind that Pluto moves very slowly and takes 248 years to orbit the sun. Pluto’s in no rush, but my goodness s/he is nothing if not thorough.

Capricorn is the zodiac sign representative of long-founded, built up establishments, like businesses, banks, governments, laws, even countries – you can probably think of plenty more. Pluto is the planet symbolically representative, at its lowest level, of bullying power (think of Weinstein, governments, sex and money). There are many examples currently in the news covering the misuse of power, using sex and money as vehicles.

But Pluto-type energy, expressed and used in a more superior, non-personal way is far more powerful; the catch is that we can’t have and use this power for ourselves on a personal level. It is power of us, by and for us all, collectively. And what’s happening right now, as I see it, is that a Great Unravelling is taking place as this correction is being made. Justice is begging to be done. Fairness and equality need a look in now. Selfish grabbing and hoarding has had its day. Women have to be equals, not disrespected, attacked and stalked. Children have to be safe.

Symbolically, Pluto in Capricorn right now is doing some cleaning out, scouring and blasting with a heat ray at all the accumulated crap that has built up in society’s establishments, with the aim of creating something new and fresh instead. The symbolic image for Pluto is of the mythical bird, the Phoenix, arising from the ashes. That’s where this is heading and it’s not done yet.

Take note, Pluto has symbolically been working along these lines in Capricorn since 2008 (remember the banking crisis?) and it will stay there until 2024.

And don’t get me started on Brexit…..

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