Amazing places

I sometimes have to remind myself that I’ve been to some pretty amazing places in the US since our son moved there with his family. I would probably never have made the effort to go to the Grand Canyon, or Monument Valley, or Santa Monica – to mention just a few iconic sites – had it not been for taking extended visits to the US to visit them and going on some exciting road trips while there. IMG_3296

Antelope Canyon in Arizona is one of the places I found truly amazing. It’s a slot canyon – one which is deep and and narrow and was carved out by water – and is accessed by a steep staircase leading downwards to the bottom of the canyon’s sandy bed.

Looking at the photos I took as I walked through it, the sandstone shapes remind me of swirls of cake mixture or rich, light coloured chocolate which have been stirred and whipped up.

Sometimes it feels good to go back and revisit by photograph such amazing places I’ve been fortunate enough to see. When there is so much negative, depressing news being fed out every day (don’t get me started on Brexit….) it’s good to tap into the wonders of the natural world.

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