Mass murder in our green and pleasant land


This has been brewing for some time and now it’s time to shout it out. I’m both sickened by, and sick of, news of our wildlife – animals, birds and native trees – being killed off.  They are being killed off by various different organisations in our green and still relatively pleasant land. And all of them seem to have intentional murder and the destruction of the natural world and environment in mind.

Otherwise why would they do it? You need to have an intention to do something when it’s as organised as this mass murder is.

Let me elaborate. And imagine explaining some of this to a child. Children learn from the natural world and celebrate nature. It’s one of their first ways into appreciating and enjoying other life species. Children’s story books are full of tales of woodland creatures, birds and wildlife.

The illegal killing of birds, such as Hen Harriers, Marsh Harriers, Peregrine Falcons, Kestrels, and Golden Eagles is ongoing. It happens on upland shooting estates in Britain where people pay huge sums of money to shoot and kill large numbers of other birds who have been hatched and raised for the sole purpose of being…..shot and killed. Yet the persecuted birds are doing exactly what their nature intends them to do – predate smaller birds and creatures. It’s part of the web of life and the natural food chain.

As some smaller animals, like mountain hares, share the same environment as the birds being raised for murder, they are also put to death in case they should spread any disease to those birds which are being raised for certain death. Explain that one to a child too.

Now on to the other story book animals loved by children. You may have to include the brown hares, which are chased to death in the countryside for sport by men (usually men – I wonder why…) using dogs they probably care little about to run the hares down and tear them apart.

Same goes for fox hunting. Large groups of men and women on horseback, accompanied by a pack of hounds – probably also cared little about – illegally pursuing a fox, chasing it to exhaustion and then gleefully gloating over it’s broken savaged body when the hounds have done their worst. Foxes feature a lot in children’s stories; again, try explaining the logic of this to a child.

Badgers down in the woodland dells aren’t exempt from this mass murder either. The systematic killing (they call it culling) of badgers has recently been ongoing, with animals trapped in cages awaiting the men with guns. Try telling a child that badgers are supposed to be infecting cattle with TB, and that’s why they have to die. I may be wrong but I’m not sure this reason has been scientifically proven.

Trees are not exempt from mass murder either. The Sheffield tree murderers are out at night, busily lopping down ancient trees lining the streets of this city because it’s easier to maintain the highways and footpaths without them there. The people of the city protest, and rightly so. Killing off trees depletes the air quality of the environment as well as the ambience of their neighbourhoods, at the same time removing habitat for birds and insects.

I could go on. It’s sad depressing stuff, and especially from the perspective of a child’s viewpoint, it’s totally incomprehensible and crazy.

The root cause and reason for it all is money.


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