Coffee to go?


The days of takeaway coffee in a disposable cardboard, plastic or (heaven forbid) polystyrene cup are numbered. More people are becoming aware of the dangers such chuck-away items pose for the environment. Do they get recycled? Very likely not; they’re destined for landfill and it can’t go on. It’s simply not viable. The world’s landfills and seas are clogging up with throw-away, one use items.

There are alternatives. Some enterprising person has invented a portable cup which concertinas up into itself when not in use. Some coffee shops and chains sell their own brand of reusable cup which you take with you when you go to get coffee to drink in or take out.

You could, of course, take your own favourite mug with you. Pack it in something like a small cardboard box to protect it (see….? recycle the box and use it…). But it’s probably a bit too much of a faff remembering to do all that, then you’ve got to cart the thing around with you all the time. I do understand. But then, some people do actually carry their own mug with them, so it’s not non-do-able. It just takes a bit more organisation, awareness, and the will do do something small and positive.

The other alternative is, of course, to go somewhere where coffee is served in real cups or mugs, with no plastic spoons, where there are tables to sit at, newspapers to read and the world around you to watch as it goes by.

The coffee in the pictures featured here was served to me at the famous Les Deux Magots cafe in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris. It was a stylish and memorable coffee stop. IMG_0609

Waiters in long white aprons, coffee in the brown jugs, hot milk in the white jug, clean crockery, newspapers to read, the Parisien left bank world to watch go by and the atmosphere imbued with etheral traces of the intellects of the writers who used to meet there: Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus.

A far cry from the plastic/polystyrene variety, but a lot more of an occasion too.


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