Back in the Zone

Spending precious family time in Houston, I like to renew my volunteer status each time we visit so I can go into 8 year old granddaughter’s school and help out in her class. As a trained teacher it’s always a delight to be back in school  and be  “back in the zone” as one of the reception staff at her school calls it when I turn up.

Today was my first day back this trip. School starts early here, at 7.35 am and it was arranged for me to go in for the morning session, 8.00-10.00 am. I’m scheduled to be doing this twice weekly, and I’m smiling.

I’ve been generally helping out today with the language/grammar work they were working on. I loved hearing that they’ve been learning about idioms and we had a few jokes about breaking a leg and having butterflies in the tummy. Today they were correcting spellings and tenses in their written work. Then, it being Valentine’s Day, their teacher asked me to read the class a story which they had to pay attention to as there were some questions to write answers to following this.

It was a heart warming story about how a miserable lonely man finds love and friendship in his community. He learns how to smile, laugh, reach out, be kind to people, and help them out. He discovers he is no longer lonely and unhappy.

What a great message, not just for Valentine’s Day but for every day.

It’s good being back in the zone.





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