The Cosmic Egg Timer

I write this post with my astrological psychology hat on.

The Cosmic Egg Timer – my first book – co-authored with Richard Llewellyn, is now available in a revised paperback edition with full colour illustrations. With the sub-title Introducing Astrological Psychology, this book is probably the best introduction to astrological psychology you’ll find.

It covers topics such as:

What kind of person are you?CET in colour

What makes you tick?

What’s happening in your life right now?

Which areas of life offer you the greatest potential?

And all this without ever once straying into Sun Sign column predictions. Astrological psychology is more concerned with personal growth, self-awareness and with putting you in the driving seat of your life.

It doesn’t predict and tell you what you should do, but encourages you, through understanding your inner motivation, to make choices and take responsibility for them.

The Cosmic Egg Timer offers an immediate and illuminating approach to using astrological psychology as a tool for self-awareness, and personal and spiritual growth.

It is suitable for the enthusiastic beginner as well as the professional astrologer, psychologist or counsellor seeking a fresh approach to working with clients. It’s available now at Amazon.

Astrological psychology combines the best of traditional astrology with modern growth psychology, and The Cosmic Egg Timer provides the best introduction to what has become known as the “Huber Method”, based on the work of Swiss astrologers/psychologists Bruno and Louise Huber.

The Cosmic Egg Timer in full colour – Available now at Amazon.

Read more about astrological psychology here and here.


















For beginners, astrologers, psychologists or counsellors seeking a fresh approach to working with clients.


3 thoughts on “The Cosmic Egg Timer

  1. Joyce, I was browsing your personal blog again to find the steelworks post I intend to Reblog mid next week (if that’s ok?) and came across your books. I went onto Amazon and found the updated Cosmic Egg Timer in digital format and browsed through the “look inside” pages available. Then I looked at another book, Using Age Progression only available in paperback so I couldn’t browse.
    I am an avaricious reader, mostly on Kindle, a retired psychologist (organisation psychology) but like to read stuff connected to but outside my experience. I am a total sceptic on astrology, never read horoscopes, and use/follow the Erikson life stages being at the Integrity vs Despair stage!
    So, to the point, which of your two books mentioned would most interest me?


    • Thank you for potential reblog! Interesting to hear something about your background. Mine is teaching & social work, with all teaching skills transferred to teaching/presenting/speaking on astrological psychology supported by some training in psychosynthesis & counselling skills. Coincidentally my daughter did her MSc in organisational psychology. Your best place to start is with The Cosmic Egg Timer as it covers the main components of the pschological approach developed by Bruno & Louise Huber in Zurich, who were students of Roberto Assagioli, who studied with Jung, then went on to develop psychosynthesis. It’s written as an introduction and overview; Using Age Progression takes a deeper and more focussed look at this specific technique, but the basics of it are covered in The Cosmic Egg Timer. You may also find it useful to see my astrological psychology blog (now a reference/resource site as I’d gone as far as I could go with it over the 11 or so years I wrote it….and one moves on!)

      I never read horoscopes either, studied traditional approaches to astrology for several years and was about to give up when I heard Louise Huber speak at a conference in 1984. Astrological psychology comes from a somewhat different place! Best wishes, Joyce.

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      • Thanks Joyce, very helpful. I did look at your other blog this morning too. I tend to steer away from Chemistry (my original doctorate) and my second degrees of psychology and read lots of philosophy which I write about on our blog plus travel plus wine plus political rants! You book looks like an interesting diversion (no offence intended) and I will download a Kindle version shortly. After I retired and closed my org psych consultancy Dr C and I created an education charity in Nepal and created an academy which developed 200 primary schools and 2000 teachers in 10 years. I know nothing about primary education but my systems thinking and change management experience was like gold dust. B 👍👫


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