Dancing Policemen

Yesterday I sang at the Manchester Marathon with 120 other members of Rock Choir in the north west of England. It’s a fun thing to do – singing pop/rock songs with a beat to support and encourage the runners, many of whom are taking part in the marathon to raise money for charity.

We stand by the front lawn a church, at around the half way mark of the course, and we wave, cheer and applaud the runners as we sing. They wave, they clap, give us thumbs up, shout out thanks, and sometimes veer off the road to join us for a quick dance before returning to the business of running. It’s a great community event.

As we were about to have a short 5 minute break (we sang for 3 hours) two policemen on the opposite side of the road started dancing to our song. When we’d stopped singing another lady and myself crossed the road and asked if they’d like to join us. They needed little persuasion, joined our group, sang along with us and danced their way through the instrumental section of the song.

Not only that, the bopping bobbies also made it on to the BBC North West news. A very memorable event!

Here’s the Twitter version (thanks to Abigail who videoed it):

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