British bluebells


Beautiful British bluebells glowing with an intensity of colour that is always hard to photograph.

These were set in a tumble of grass in a nature reserve near the sea in south Devon, on a day when the sun shone, the wind was less sharp and I didn’t need quite so many layers of clothing on.

In spite of the chilly spring, many wild flowers had appeared, and it was a a special treat to see not only these indigenous bluebells (not the chunky, paler Spanish ones), as well as patches of wood violets nestled down near the ground.

1 thought on “British bluebells

  1. We get lots of bluebells on riverbanks near our holiday home in Cumbria. Here in the Cotswolds this year our verges are covered everywhere with Cowslips, and in some of the wet meadows I’m seeing Marsh Marigolds. This surely is the Brexit effect😂😂👍👫


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