A celebration of regal weddings

There seems to be a bit of a fuss going on about a forthcoming royal wedding. That got me thinking about weddings in general, which are usually very special for those involved, royal or otherwise.

This post is about the weddings of ordinary, “common” people (i.e. we commoners) who for a day at least can feel royal, or regal. The dictionary definition of both words is fit for a monarch and worthy of a king and queen.

Those who get wed, whatever their gender, surely deserve as much of a special day as Harry Wales and Meghan Markle. (I wish them well. It’s probably not going to be easy breaking a well-established mould as they could well be doing).

Here’s a brief photographic celebration of some ordinary but regal weddings from my family archive, starting in 1897 with the wedding of my grandparents, when the family and guests didn’t stint themselves on the leg o’mutton sleeves and the hats or the bow ties!


My parents married in 1934, and looked rather splendid on their special day, I think, with gloves, hat, shiny shoes, lots of lace and a halo headdress


In 1950, my auntie got married. It wasn’t a full-on white wedding, but she looked very classy in a pale grey suit and matching hat. I’m in the background wearing my best coat and hat, not especially interested in what was going on.


Moving on several decades, my own wedding was in 1967. Friends made an archway of college scarves and surprised us as we left the church. And we had identical twins as guests – they’re in the background. Bouffant veils were all the thing!



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