Let there be love

P1010738Driving home after a perfect day out in North Wales, the jazz cd we were playing reached the classic Nat King Cole track, Let There Be Love.

I tuned into the words and really listened. Even though I know this song pretty much by heart, some of the words jumped out as being significant:

……Let there be birds to sing in the trees….

…..Let there be cuckoos, a lark and a dove, but first of all please, let there be love.

Birds singing in trees – cuckoos, larks, doves – all aspects of nature and the natural world which nowadays too often gets pretty short shrift.

During visits to Twitter I learn of trees being cut down in Sheffield, the culling of ravens going on in Scotland, cuckoos – once a welcome iconic sound in Spring – being heard less and less, and turtle doves under threat of extinction. Raptors are persecuted, badgers are culled, foxes hunted, grouse are raised to be shot for sport, hares are killed off….the list goes on and on. It’s depressing, it’s negative, it’s anti-life.

If just a small amount of love (and respect) could be extended to nature and the natural world by each and every one of us, along with a true appreciation of the environment, maybe what lives within it wouldn’t end up being so heavily under pressure to be controlled.

Of course, we first have to extend that love and respect to ourselves as individuals, and from there it can flow outwards towards others around us. And that includes the natural world too.

We’re here to learn about love and harmony, not division and dissent. The words of Nat King Cole’s song, and countless other love songs besides, remind us of this.


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