Zodiac Signs and the physical body

l'homme zodiaque

I reblog this post, from my astrological psychology blog, and with my astrological hat on. Whether you’re interested in astrology or not I suspect there is usually a residual flicker of interest, even in those who think it’s a load of humbug. This view of astrology usually comes from those who have never studied it. I’ve been studying and using it professionally since 1984, and I do know from experience that most people have a passing interest in their own Sun Sign.

Shown above is a famous illustration called “Zodiac Man”. It comes from the 15th century illustrated book Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, which also contains detailed and richly coloured illustrations for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs and their associated labours or tasks of the agricultural year.

In medieval times, depictions of the 12 Zodiac Signs were often included in the fabric of the great gothic cathedrals. Earthy, earthly humans were more closely connected with the land, often through the agricultural lifestyle of working with the land to grow food, tend animals and support life. At the same time, they were connected with the heavens, the sky above, the shapes of the different constellations which appeared at different times of the year, and the phases of the Moon. Earth and sky were all a part of the whole pattern of existence.

Each Sign of the Zodiac, in this rather beautiful drawing, is associated with a different part of the body. Also known as melothesic man, this attribution of the signs to the body dates back to the dawn of astrology, but didn’t appear in Europe until about the 12th century.

Zodiac Man has the Aries ram balanced on his head (Aries rules the head), a Taurean bull is wrapped around his neck, which is ruled by this Sign, and Gemini’s Twins peep around both his shoulders.

Follow the Signs downwards from head to feet, and you’ll see that each is represented in the area of the body part it’s associated with. Note Libra. It’s the sign of the balance or scales, and it  appropriately rules the kidneys, the organs of maintaining fluid balance in the body, and the elimination of toxins.

Sagittarius, the Centaur or half man/half horse, is associated with the thighs – the body part which is used when riding a horse. Leo is associated with the heart and spine – think of a proud, brave lion.

Gemini excels at communication, so it’s appropriate that this Sign is associated with the lungs, arms and hands, and that the Twins should peep cheekily over the shoulders and arms of Zodiac Man in the illustration.CET in colour

I’ve written about all 12 Zodiac Signs in my co-authored book, The Cosmic Egg Timer, available from Amazon in paperback or as an ebook.

I also talk about the Signs and Body Parts in one of my YouTube videos, where I’ve created a series of videos on my AstroChat Channel covering all 12 zodiac signs.



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