Here be Goblins

ET Goblins State Park

It’s hot here in the UK. Far hotter than is usual for June. Cool rooms away from the sunny side of the house are a good place to loiter after a brief spell in the sun or under the shade on the south-facing patio. The current heatwave got me thinking about seriously hot places I’ve visited. One of them was Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

With the sun beating down and the essential sunhat on my head, I explored this weird and wonderfully evocative State Park, my imagination running overtime as I snapped different formations of the hoodoos which fill it.

Shown above is what I named “ET”.

Others seen, as I wandered around this amazing space, I dubbed “Friendly Dog”, “Council Meeting”, “Eagle or Tortoise” and “Donald Duck”. It’s all down to the imagination.

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