Remember you’re a Womble

Daughter to one of her team at work: “Remember you’re a role model”

Team member (completely mishearing): “What do you mean – Remember you’re a Womble?!”

Cue for laughter in the office – The Wombles were furry children’s TV characters in the 1970s, who went around picking up rubbish and helped keep public parks and open spaces tidy. They were also into recycling, so were way ahead of their time, and their message of taking care of the environment was seen regularly by the children who watched the show. Those children and now in their 40s, so hopefully some of the Wombles philosophy has rubbed off and stayed with them, ready to be passed on to their own children.



2 thoughts on “Remember you’re a Womble

  1. Ugh! I’m in my fifties. Have the theme song burned into my brain. “The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we…” Ha. Loved it. But, ugh! Now I just feel so dang old again. Yes, you can bet I tried to pass on my concerns and still do. My daughter and my granddaughter love nature and all creatures. I’m sure my grandson will as well. He’s still toddling right now. I will have to infect my grandchildren with the Wombles if I can find video. Didn’t have that luxury when my girl was little. I need to pass on that earworm. 🙂 That way I can say, “Remember–you’re a Womble.” 😀

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