Escape from Brexit Island

We set off, me, him and the dog, thankful to get away from Britain and the gloomy prognostications on a “no deal” Brexit. How would it be, visiting Europe?

Good God, the date of the final Brexit curtain is only 6 months away and still no-one really knows what will happen. There are several not-very-pleasant outcomes being touted, along with lashings of mixed messages and an “it’ll be alright on the night ” attitude surrounding the small contentious issue of the border with Northern Ireland and…..shhh….the border between Spain and Gibraltar, which appears to gave dropped right off the agenda. Better get stock piling because there could be shortages of just about everything, and hey, prices are going to go up…and up…

Oh how nice it was to get away from it all.

Of course, there was the small matter of getting to a port and crossing the Channel, the North Sea or the Irish Sea, depending on which part of Europe we were heading for. No matter which way we viewed it, the likelihood of long queues at the border became a tangible reality as we passed a massively long line of Europe-bound lorries jamming up a motorway lane, simply because the technology which checks them through had broken down that day.

That doesn’t augur too well for the suggested tech-solution for border checks between Northern Ireland and Eire.

As for “no deal”, how can that possibly be so? If we don’t get a deal as such, there will still be 100s of details to be sorted out and agreed upon. I think the number quoted a couple of weeks ago was 759; it will almost certainly rise.

End of rant. Sometimes you just need to get some of this stuff off your chest and spit it out, like accumulated phlegm.

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