Don’t read this if you don’t like dogs!


This sign is a take on the French notice seen by level crossings all over France: Un train peut en cacher un autre (one train may be hiding another).

This sign was on the large gate next door to the house of our belle-fille’s family in northern France – and behind the wooden gate were two dogs (friendly and curious), poking their noses through gaps at the bottom of the gate. There was a bit of barking, but mostly sniffing and peeping at our 8 month old pooch, on his first trip to France.

Aware that in the event of a no-deal, hard Brexit (aka nightmare scenario) it could become more complex taking a pet abroad under the pet passport scheme, we had our doglet vaccinated, got the paperwork done and set off for France, via Le Shuttle so he could travel in the vehicle with us, and introduced him to some of our favourite places, as well as some new ones.

Everywhere we went in France we found people with and without dogs wanted to say hello/bonjour and ask us about him. We spoke to many more people on this trip because of the dog. He met French, Dutch and German dogs as well as other British pooches en vacances. He had a whale of a time and was welcomed everywhere – in shops, cafes, restaurants. We became very confident having doggy discussions in French too, and met some friendly people because of this.

In the DoP1060194rdogne, he made friends with a local lady dog, Luna, who joined us for walks. He also met two huge mastiff-like dogs – Dogue de Bordeaux – who were like gentle giants and towered over him, but they were friendly and well-controlled.

No problems at all. Easy.

Until we were on our way back, staying in La Fleche so we could fit in the necessary vet visit, when an officious Brit on the campsite told me I wasn’t allowed to exercise him on site. Oh? I queried that and said we’d not been told this at reception 5 minutes previously when we arrived. Having travelled for several hours the first thing a puppy needs to do is have a pee. How you stop a dog peeing when it needs to I have no idea. We always carry poo bags and clean up deposits.

The man clearly didn’t like dogs. I wonder how he gets on with people?

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