Curassow encounter

My look through the photos I took in Costa Rica led me back to an earlier post I made last year, when I wrote about this huge bird which came on very friendly towards me. It was one of those experiences which makes the hair on the back of the neck prickle. Looking at the photo of this bird, which I took at very close quarters, I appreciate what a special encounter this was.

Eyes in the back of my Head


Visiting Zoo Ave, a rescue centre and wild life refuge in Costa Rica, we saw this huge bird strutting about on the ground some way off. Our guide said it was a female Great Currasow.

It was making a distinctive call, which I imitated. It immediately started coming towards me, flying up to perch on a railing, and then it began to edge towards me, closer and closer. We clearly had a big thing going on! I’d continued to imitate its call, but stopped when I realised it might get really friendly and leap into my arms!

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