Travelling home as things close down

Thanks to my other half who wrote down this saga of a journey back home while my version of it was still forming in my head, here are the accurate details of the journey we had and would not want to do again. Yes, the 1st class experience of an overnight flight on a reclining seat which converts to a full llength bed was a good one. I slept more than I’ve ever managed before on a night flight, with a real pillow and duvet to hunker down under. With the words of Vera Lynn’s famous song “We’ll meet again…” from WW2 sounding in my head, and with tears in my eyes about our hasty departure and leaving the grandchildren, I eventually fell asleep.

I can't believe it!

“I imagine you are both enjoying seeing the grandchildren grow up,” said a friend by email, while we were out in Houston with the family. We were, but this was soon curtailed by the developing coronavirus panic on both sides of the pond.

We were due to fly back to Manchester 7th April, but it was becoming clear that we’d have to do so sooner. President Trump stopped people flying in from Europe from Friday 13th March. Maybe we should bring our departure forward by a couple of weeks to Tuesday 24th?

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