Written in the stars?

Featured Image -- 4086With my astrological psychology hat on, I’m pondering on our current global situation. Most countries  are in lockdown in an effort to stop the spread of the coronvirus – Covid-19 – which is dominating our lives. The pandemic has halted everyday life. People are dying. We’re in uncharted waters while a vaccine is being sought; life is on pause and hold as far as the everyday activities we’ve grown so accustomed to are concerned.

Here in the UK we’re told to stay at home, work from home, don’t socialise or go out unless you’re getting shopping, and then only a few people at a time in the shop please, each keeping 2 metres apart. Children are being schooled at home by parents who are trying to work from home; the  schools closed a few weeks ago, and while it’s OK to go for a walk or take some kind of exercise, this must be done in the locality – there’s no driving off into the countryside allowed. Oh yes – frequent handwashing is essential to kill the virus. Lather up for at least 20 seconds.

If we’d been told we’d be living like this just a few weeks ago, most of us would have thought it was a joke. But it’s not and although I can’t pretend I saw it coming, I did know – from an astrological viewpoint –  that we were likely to face considerable challenges and changes all the way up to 2024 as the planet Pluto made its way through the sign of Capricorn. I wrote about this in November 2017, and you can read my thoughts here,  about this great unravelling which had already begun back in 2009.

For non-astrologers and sceptics (1) I’ll try to put my ideas and take on the current situation into a context you can understand, using non-astrological language. So I ask you to imagine a large and impressive building – maybe iconic like the United Nations HQ in New York City, or the offices of a powerful global institution. It’s a place where a lot of different but interconnected businesses, organisations, charities, churches, banks, non-governmental groups and long-founded, traditional establishments gather under one roof. The building is called Capricorn House, it’s architecturally solid and sound, rather plush, and it is imbued with Tradition with a capital T.

In 2009, a newcomer arrives, takes a long hard look at what goes on there, assesses that things are looking out of kilter because there seems to be a whole load of inequality about in the world. Not only that, the environment is taking the hits and the way things are being run, by businesses of all kinds, is destroying our world – not just for us but for furture generations. The newcomer, not unlike the Stranger in Clint Eastwood’s film High Plains Drifter, sets about levelling the playing field. He has considerable power and it’s not long before the cracks appear and the walls of safety surrounding more dubious organisations and businesses start to crumble and fall. The stranger is called Pluto and yes, he has powers alright, but he can use them to right wrongs and injustices and inequalities. The old, outworn, outdated, irrelevant-to-current-times practices take the hits. Pluto likes nothing better than a good clear out and a fresh start, and that’s what the world starts to get.

Some of the effects of this are painful for us on a personal, everyday life level, so of course, humanity tries to resist. But Pluto is an energy/entity on a mission and he’s got plenty of time; he will stay on this job until 2024, and in 2020 we’re at last starting to wake up to the fact that things have to change. Coronavirus has woken us all up to that, and strangely has brought us closer together as we realise what is important in life. And it’s not “stuff” and possessions, it’s people and our environment and the way we’re living.

But that’s not the end of it. In January 2018, another visitor arrived in Capricorn House. It was Saturn, a rather rigid, go-by-the-book kind of entity whose forte in life is systems, organisation, structure, and interestingly, the physical body. You’d expect Saturn to be in his element in Capricorn House, with all those traditional, long-founded organisations there (Saturn really doesn’t like change) but it wasn’t long before he bumped into Pluto, who proceeded to bend his ear about all the changes that were needed to the current systems and way of running things, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything much to run at all.

This was aided and abetted by Uranus, who had been messaging Pluto repeatedly since 2011, putting in his two penn’rth from his temporary offices in both Aries and Taurus Towers on the same campus, and adding a bit of global revolutionary spice to what Pluto was doing with the more general clear out.

In December 2019, Jupiter arrived in Carpricorn House, found Pluto and Saturn were already there at work, and as I write, is locked even now in close cahoots with Pluto to offer the opportunity of bringing some vision and long term planning to what our world and our society could be like. Jupiter sees the big picture, of how the future might be, and comes to share wisdom and experience before moving on in December 2020. That gives us a year – maybe to find a vaccine for Covid-19 – and to find new ways as our perceptions and priorities change.

Saturn, meanwhile, has scarpered and left Capricorn House to take up temporary residence in Aquarius Hall, where the techies live and work and the egg heads and boffins hang out. Saturn will return to Capricorn House for a while during 2020, but will then settle in at Aquarius Hall for the long haul, possibly while new systems, which include ways of communicating and working on line, maybe at home, are perfected, and yes, by then, a vaccine might have been found by the scientists and techies.

The astrological bit

This is my take on what effects on humanity the outer, transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto are currently having.  Jupiter and Saturn are not outer planets, and are more personal, Saturn being appropriately on the boundary (a Saturnian word – Saturn likes boundaries) between the inner and outer planets in the solar system.

Here are links to short videos on my YouTube channel explaining the meaning and qualities associated with Pluto and Uranus, and the revolutionary spirit of Uranus.

(1) Please don’t poo-pooh any of this unless you have something useful to say and have studied astrology yourself; I’ve studied it for 36 years. Just saying.

8 thoughts on “Written in the stars?

  1. I can’t help but believe that a transpersonal and divine hand is at work. And as Assagioli would say, the ego distorts the message of the super conscious and we can only feel the pain and the loss right now. But we will emerge out of this , after the decks clear, reborn into a new world of values. Such a wonderful metaphor of the High Plains Drifter coming in and stirring the pot.

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    • Thanks John – I had to write this out of my system while the thoughts were whirling. It’s not perfect & I could have said more but I was running out of steam yesterday. It’s been an intense 2 weeks since we got back hurriedly from the US & have been in isolation for 14 days. Yes, there’s definitely something going on, on a wide scale, beyond our control/comprehension, & that’s when looking at the TP planets starts to make sense.

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  2. I’m not poo-pooing at all, but I wouldn’t like to think that we give a bye to the greed and meanness, dare I say cruelty, that’s been at play with too many leaders around the world. I don’t think that everything that’s wrong (gross inequality, climate change catastrophe, etc) is beyond our control, but we need to be led by competence and compassion.

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    • Of course, Jane. We need to wake up as individuals to more a evolved way of being, and our current situation is forcing the issue. There’s more focus on kindness because of where we are right now – in fact our govt spokesman had just said in the daily statement that we have to be kind to each other. Goes without saying in our household.

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      • It’s too bad it doesn’t go without saying from the leader of the most powerful – or at least richest – country in the world, who has not become kinder in these new times. Those politicians who support his continuing nasty approach to others have a lot to answer for. Their enabling of misinformation and mistreatment does the exact opposite of spreading kindness. It breaks my heart every day, and it’s not even my country.

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  3. Thanks for your thoughts Joyce. I hope when this passes, the world doesn’t lose sight of the valuable lessons that are there to learn. Perhaps it will help to set up a resistance to the continuing greed-mongering of all-too-powerful world leaders. Perhaps when Pluto finally moves into Aquarius, it will herald the beginning of a new world order, set in train by present events.
    Contemplating on where we can see Covid 19 astrologically, my thoughts turned in addition to Uranus in Taurus. Is this symbolic of the massive disruption in world economies/financial institutions, and of this virus, caused by our inharmonious balance and disrespect for Nature (both Taurean themes).

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    • You have some good points there, Trish…would you fancy developing this train of thought? There’s a lot more there to be explored, and speculated on as, without a doubt, the economic and ecological are both there in the overall big picture. Uranus in Taurus will have more to show us.


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