Covid-19 – why now?

It seems to me that the world, the earth and all that lives within it is taking a pause in order to do some much-needed healing. No longer is nature under the dominant thumb of human life, as humans are being forced to step back, to back off from the usual greed of consumerism and the exploitation and spoilation of nature that accompanies this greed. I am struck by how we, the human race, are being forced to take care, to be in fear of contracting this virus, to live with caution and to respect others. Many people are starting to appreciate what we already have, and have always had, because they’ve become aware that nature is part of life and not something separate. As tragic and scary as the pandemic is, it’s also our wake up call to make changes – big fundamental changes – in the way we live.

I can't believe it!

Why did covid-19 emerge now, at this particular point in history?

Rational mind might start to argue about the possibilities – the wet markets in Wuhan, an escaped virus experiment from the nearby Chinese research facility, an act of sabotage in the US/China economic war…?

I suggest the real reason lies in the world of meaning, not in the world of facts. In bringing the whole world to varying degrees of lockdown the virus has choked off economic activity and forced a slowdown in the consumption of fossil fuels, those same fossil fuels that are bringing about climate breakdown, which we know represents an existential threat to current human ways of life across the globe.

This is synchronicity, not coincidence, it has meaning. The warnings are getting louder and louder, the floods, wildfires, refugees, collapsing countries. And now covid-19.

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