Something seems to be missing


Following my previous post “What would you like see more of in the world?” I’ve been sent a few suggestions from readers of the qualities they would like to see more of:

Compassion….caring….kindness….empathy….tolerance……trust……truth……and of all them, along with the other words I took up with me on to the Fourth Plinth, are transpersonal qualities.

Transpersonal qualities are those which are beyond the personal. They’re timeless, they have a universal application which crosses cultures, and they have a spiritual dimension. We, as human beings understand them. We may find it hard to  define them exactly but we know one when we see it. Try defining “beauty” or “joy” or “trust” in just ne word. It’s not always easy but we know what they mean.

I’m changing tack a bit now to the current shambolic hoo-hah in the UK, created by PM Boris Johnson’s special advisor Dominic Cummings. He broke the all the lockdown rules he himself was involved in creating and justified what he did by breaking the lockdown, and driving 260 miles to his parent’s home when ill with Covid-19, probaby spreading the virus as he went (you can read plenty about the details on line – we have pretty much nothing else in our news right now). Bottom line summary:  “I risked infecting other people when I had Covid – 19, but that’s OK because it’s one rule for me, and the rest of you have to do what I say. Apology….. why should I apologise? I don’t believe I did anything wrong.”

This man’s moral compass is utterly defunct and with no remorse that I could see, he shows a large amount of contempt and disrespect to the British public. And he has a severe lack of humility and empathy for the many people who have adhered to the lockdown rules for 10 weeks now. The danger is that people, seeing he’s flouted the rules and has seemingly got away with it will begin to flout them too. Respect for them has gone right out of the window and the Prime Minister will not (at the time of writing) sack him, and appears weak.

The sad and troubling thing is that most members of the government have also come out in support of him. Yet not one of them sounds convincing or convinced as they shuffle their toes along the government line, hoping their spinelessness doesn’t show too much.

What has this to do with transpersonal qualities? What is missing, apart from humility and empathy? Which quality shines the light on lies and evasion?


What’s missing ? Ordinary people who have done as instructed by the government to “Stay at Home” and not spread the virus look in vain to the government for the quality which goes hand in hand with truth.


What is needed now from our leadership?

Integrity, Authenticity, Truth, Openness, Consideration………you can probably think of whole lot more.


4 thoughts on “Something seems to be missing

  1. I think you covered this very well and I had not heard of this as I about 7000 or so km away. One thing that struck me was the phrase “ordinary people”. I know what you mean but in my mind I thought, we are all ordinary people, including those in leadership. I have always felt that being in leadership was an honor and those in those positions of authority are behoven to strive to be an example. Sadly that mark is missed too often don’t you agree. Still I know there are many people in leadership, there are so many levels, who do go above and beyond. I know many volunteers who deserve more recognition, I am thinking of some here in town who selflessly take care of wetlands for the wildlife all year round. Enjoyed your post, sorry I said so much.

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    • Yes there are decent people in all walks of life who go the extra mile, and they deserve thanks and recogition for being “ordinary” normal human beings. We have volunteers in our small town who keep the recreational greens litter free & offer a great public service by doing so.

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  2. I think you can hear me ranting about wanting some honesty from our politicians. When I managed a team I always said when I had made a mistake and encouraged them to do the same, not giving them a hard time but learning from the mistakes. This rarely seems to happen in government.

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  3. You’re talking about real leadership here – the ability to make mistakes, acknowledge you’ve made them, apologise and sometimes say “I don’t know” are all strengths and not a sign of weakness. They are also indicative of being a human being, with empathy, which certain people in so-called high up places are demonstrably incapable of. Hear my anger too – what we’re getting are dangerous examples of “acceptable” behaviour.


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