Dear WordPress….

And so, WordPress, it’s farewell. I’ve held off writing this post as I’ve been busy publicising the new co-authored book I’ve been writing and that’s taken priority.

But now it’s time to have my say (which I’ve done before, here and here) about your new Block Editor, which is set as default with no chance of returning the original Classic Editor which was so easy to use. So straightforward. So deviod of confusing techie buttons and blocks and bits to fiddle around with.

So de-motivating too if, like me, you want to write without having to second guess how the hell to get your ideas down without needing to plod through a load of new symbols to find what you want.

And such a killer for any creativity, not to mention making everything much more stressful – for me at any rate.

I wrote to you about the Block Editor and had some interactions with a few of your “Happiness Engineers” (what a job title to live up to!). To be fair, they all responded and did their best, according to their brief, and offered help, even a video. Unfortunately, all the help offered was routes I’d already sussed out for myself and found them unsuitable as they were – here we go again – confusing, stress-making and for me, made blogging a chore rather than a pleasure.

So full marks to the Happiness Engineers for being helpful, but no marks for making me feel happy or doing as I’d requested, which was to reinstate the Classic Editor for me as default.

The Happiness Engineers – four of them in all – asked how they could help and I wrote (mindful that several other bloggers I know, techies amongst them, were having difficulties & disliked the new editor):

You can help by properly restoring the Classic Editor rather than making it an option using the main Blocks Editor, which you have foisted on users. I don’t like Blocks, I’ve tried it and it’s taking me at least twice as long to write posts while I try to figure it out. Even switching to the Classic Editor option, it’s nowhere near as easy. It’s taking up a lot more time now to write a blog post and I’m feeling very demotivated. It’s taken the spontaneity out of my creativity and basically I loathe it. Please restore the Classic Editor as it was. A lot of other users have expressed dismay at this change. I am seriously considering whether I wish to continue with WordPress. I’ve read your help sections for the questions below and it sounds as if you’ve decided you’re determinedly on this new track with Blocks, so maybe I’m wasting my time giving you this feedback.

The response was:

I wish we could set the Classic editor on the dashboard as your default editor, but it has been retired so it is not possible. Yes, it might have a learning curve, and while I do understand that it might take some time – I promise that it will be worth the effort.
I understand that you don’t like the new editor style of editing with blocks so I wanted to offer two other options:

These were options I’d already tried so it was starting to be very Groundhog Day-like. I replied:

I appreciate your encouragement and your offers of help, but I really don’t want to travel through this learning curve and I certainly don’t agree with you that it will be worth the effort of learning something which excites me about as much as a dirty wet dishcloth. And wastes my time as I struggle to make sense of it. Be aware that not all bloggers as techie-minded, and even those that are this way inclined are pretty irritated by the new, all-pervasive Block editor.

So there you have it, an edited account of the saga. But with the same end result, and with my decision to head off and away from WordPress and on to pastures new, which I’ll be posting about when I can face tangling with the blocks again.

This may not be a very creative post, but it’s one I needed to write and get off my chest. Oh yes – and I’ve written it all in LibreOffice Writer so I can (hopefully!) paste it straight in. Let’s see….

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7 thoughts on “Dear WordPress….

  1. Happiness Engineers! Really! That is the funniest thing I’ve heard today. As you say, if you’re no longer enjoying blogging with the new not-improved WordPress, then it is time to go. I don’t find it any improvement but I am getting used to it and can do what I need to do. I guess it does all sorts of exciting things that I am not interested in but I can write and organise my words and pictures on the page, which is all I am interested in, so I’ll stay and keep calm and carry on!

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    • I’m hatching other things in the background and will move soon but announce it on WP (have to screw myself up to this though!) I can’t fathom getting images in easily & things look SO different. I started blogging with Blogger as a complete novice in 2006 & was able to work out what to do. If I started with WP as a beginner I’d be having a nervous breakdown by now!


  2. This is so sad and so pathetically not the way businesses should be running. Joyce, you scare me when you say that the Classic Editor is being retired. WP did send out an email a few months ago explaining that one could continue using it if that was our preference. They’d better not change their mind. I hope you can find this seamless access to the Classic Editor and change yours!


    • I don’t like to disappoint you Jane but what I’ve quoted is what the Happiness Engineers wrote to me. Classic is still available but in a very annoying clunky form, which seems to have paragraph blocks popping up, making it no fun to use. I’ve decided I’m not going to play their game & will return to Blogger, which has updated itself but is still a whole lot more straightforward than WP is right now. My stress levels are returning to normal & I plan one more tortuous post giving new links, before I head off.

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  3. It is sad that WordPress are so deaf-eared that bloggers are having to give up their platform, crazy even. It’s even not true that the Classic editor is not still there – I maintain a website using and still happily use the old Classic editor by default. It appears to be that has the blindspot. I can’t imagine why they are turning bloggers away due to some techie’s dogma..

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